A group of microsatellites equipped with a laser
system for projecting images in the night sky is
in space, orbiting the Earth.
1 billion
Advertising reach over
1 billion people
Covering over 130
major cities



Project approval

We will discuss with you all
details of future mission: shape
of constellation, quantity of microsatellites, time and place of the first appearance of the brand, a list of major locations to fly over, total operating time
of the system
and other.

Sign a contract

We secure all conditions by signing

a strong agreement with guarantees
under insurance. In case of any
problems you will be refunded
the full cost.

Production and launch

It takes 24 month to produce 20 microsatellites including on ground tests, software development and certification.
The launch will be shared with a primary payload on Soyuz, Falcon, PSLV or other high reliable launch vehicles.

In-orbit deploy

Within 6 months after launch the satellites constellation will be deployed in orbit and ready to use for next 12 months.

Your brand in space

A Landmark moment for 21st Century. In 24 hours a new constellation of your brand will flight over all continents and nearly 130 countries with population more than 1,1 billion people and make your brand unreachable for your competitors. Unreachable,
as stars in the sky.
01. Project
02. Contract
03. Production
04. Deploy
05. Final

in space

Avant Space is a team of professionals in rocket science field working together since 2013.
Our engineers have unique experience of plasma thrusters, laser communication systems, onboard computers
and operating systems development.
The "space banner" flying over all the major metropolitan areas of the planet, according to the calculations of the developers, will be seen by more than

1 billion people.
A space banner will fly over the megalopolises of the planet, and such advertising, in terms of 1000 people, will cost less than TV or billboards.



Will the image be seen accurately?
What if it’s cloudy?
Can it harm the environment?
How much does it cost?
Does it require any licenses or permits?

Will the image be seen accurately?

Yes, we tested a laser in the stratosphere at an altitude of 30 km. The "constellation" will be visible even over large cities, where high light pollution interferes. We can give you a demonstration of the laser brightness if needed.

What if it’s cloudy?

Clouds, rain, snow, fog and similar weather conditions are considered as force majeure circumstances that we cannot influence. We update the flight model based on everyday forecast, therefore we can change locations of your brand show.

Can it harm the environment?

In opposite, it is ECO friendly technology that allows global companies to make our world better by substituting thousands billboards on Earth by only one in space. During the operating period the satellites work on pure sun energy. After 12 months the constellation will be utilized to atmosphere and burned there without any harm to the environment.

How much does it cost?

It depends on quantity of satellites, operating period, launch vehicle service provider and other conditions. We calculate the price on request after signing NDA.

Does it require any licenses or permits from authorities?

Space doesn’t belong to any country and it doesn’t regulates by any State’s internal law. In 1967, the "Outer Space Treaty" dictated that all nations in compliance with international regulation are permitted to exploit space. As a result, the commercial use of space is open to exploitation by public and private entities, especially in relation to mining and space tourism  This treaty provides free access to space, so space advertising is not subject to global prohibition. There are no permits or licenses for advertising purposes.

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